Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino on Her Road to Sobriety and Self-Acceptance

Don’t have an account yet? Get the most out of your experience with a personalized all-access pass to everything local on events, music, restaurants, news and more. I saw them in Boulder on Valentine’s Day. Hipster Runoff later accused Cosentino who at the time was trying to imitate the always unamused Lana Del Rey of lip-synching. Williams and company seemed antagonistic. I was certain the wave of SoCal-led surfer punk was about to crash and no one would remember these two bands in five years time. But here we are, almost exactly five years later, and Best Coast and Wavves are at the top of their game. On Saturday night, the Bluebird Theater was sold out for the pair, and the crowd was appropriately rowdy. Because the two bands are no longer poster children for the stoner beach lifestyle; they mean much more now.

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With their official debut album Are You Satisfied? Their fifth record properly titled V came out last month. Starting off with British band Slaves, their debut is quite impressive. Their latest release comes off the Virgin EMI label. Are You Satisfied?

Best Coast, Wavves, and No JoyFebruary 11, Varsity TheaterIt’s not end up being a total wash out, and was still quite enjoyable in spots.

Crazy for You by Best Coast is an undisputed classic for moody stoners everywhere. After all, Best Coast has put out four full-length records since then. Obviously, the problem remains, because just recently, Cosentino penned a righteous essay for Lenny Letter, the online feminist newsletter run by Lena Dunham. Right off the bat, Cosentino stated:. Because she came up alongside Wavves, a band fronted by her on-and-off boyfriend Nathan Williams, their relationship became an inescapable part of her image.

Even still, Bethany continuously shut down conversations about her personal life with Nathan in interviews and never truly verified whether or not he was the center her songs.

Best Coast: ‘We still aren’t very professional’

With big guitars, direct lyrics, and a pleasantly laid-back attitude, the Los Angeles duo Best Coast play a tuneful version of punk rock that nods toward ’60s pop and ’90s alt rock informed by the sunny days of their hometown. Their albums range from simple Ramones style their debut Crazy for You to arena-ready ‘s California Nights. Their popularity as a live act grew steadily and the musical bond between Cosentino and Bruno held firm.

The duo’s album, Always Tomorrow , shows the band still in love with the hooky bubblegum-punk sound they started out with, and stretching out in new areas, like commercial radio pop. A former child actress, Cosentino started writing songs in her teens and gaining a strong online following by the time she was 17, thanks to a handful of poppy songs she made available on her MySpace page under the name Bethany Sharayah.

She soon decided her heart wasn’t in making teen pop and pivoted in a very different direction as a member of the spacy experimental pop group Pocahaunted.

We talk to Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino and Bobb Bruno about beginnings, tour life and alone time. I hardly still look at the audience but we just looked down. Wavves: ‘First Few Weeks of Recording Sucked’. Stephen.

The qualities that made Bethany Cosentino such an appealing rock star over the past decade were simultaneously causing her to unravel. By Caryn Ganz. She spoke out about sexual misconduct in the music industry in , a year before MeToo took off. With that said, she paused to dip a thin brush into a small ceramic palette. But an outspoken mob always seemed to be challenging the band in its early days. Cosentino was very online, and very sensitive to the digital daggers piercing her music, her personal life and her looks.

I should lock myself in my room for five days. They shared a Spin cover in She later wrote an op-ed about misconduct , revealing that a family member assaulted her when she was a child. She still watches Bravo, sober, for the record.

Concert review: Best Coast and Wavves

The band also pulled from their back catalog to play a well-balanced set of their newest music along with older favorites. Throughout the set, fans were engrossed in the music; at one point, a dedicated fan in the front row wearing a Garfield costume took to crowd surfing. Best Coast Photo by John Vettese.

Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino has gone through some noticeable Whether that’s the result of the dissolution of her long-term relationship with Wavves’ Nathan Williams or simply getting older, on Best Coast’s third While the ’50s/’​60s surf-pop influence is still heavily intact, the album Browse by Date.

Have you seen this movie? It reminded me of Bethany Cosentino and Nathan Williams. Both hail from California and are full of a kind of youthful vigor and passion that makes me both incredibly happy and sad at the same time. Wavves is everything I love about rock and punk all rolled up into with a generous sprinkling of killer stoner-riffs and shit-tons of attitude.

And not to draw too many comparisons to another famous California band i. Best Coast and Wavves, could their names be a more perfect match? And their music compliments each other as well. Where he is sour, she is sweet. Their unwieldy, moody young love is laid bare in both of their records, almost to an embarrassing extent. That these two people, a stoner-skater boi and a cool-ass artist chick, would need each other so much is as startling as it is pedestrian.

By themselves Bethany and Nathan are good, but with the help of their love, what they create is amazing. They complement each other in ways that only a man and woman in love could. Having them break-up would be more devastating than if my own parents broke up.

Best Coast: “People Just Liked Me Because I Was Myself On The Internet”

Luckily enough these bands have a similar fan base and can wow us with a joint tour. Anyways we got to experience this fantastic stoner tour collaboration on Monday night at club, and I wish I could go to this show every week for a year. These two bands, along with Spin and MtvU, have set up a stop tour in order to help us get through a long and grey winter. A healthy dose of that chillwave California-feel is just what we all needed. No Joy is a duo of shaggy and grungy hip girls from Montreal.

I am not sure if this group is worthy to be called the best ever, but it is safe to say that they were the best openers I have seen in awhile.

Those failed relationships were still captured beautifully, but there were a handful of a filler songs that just didn’t feel good enough to exist.

Seven years and three albums later, she reflects on the ups and downs of sudden buzz. Keep doing it. I thought, Why are these people picking on me for being myself? It made me question: do I suck? It fucking sucked. I was at an age when I was conflicted and confused about who I was and what I wanted to look like. You never know what someone is struggling with.

The only thing that really got to me was people talking about my relationship. Nathan [Williams, of Wavves ] and I would always get weird things written about us. People would attack us as a couple. We did a full U. People thought of us as punk and DIY, but what am I supposed to do? Have my band stay at this one level? This is my job.

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If you find upcoming joint summer is currently preparing for their upcoming joint Nbsp cosentino fired her manager and exudes confidence. Blink to a man-bun. Change came out on. Aka best coast song boyfriend is the uk, one liners for dating websites on lessons learned from nearly constant collaborations to wavves, mbv, crowd surfing, state laws, right?

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While Christmas classics still run the show, it’s always fun to hear new takes Indie-rock duo Best Coast and pop-punk rockers Wavves brought the sounds of.

As Best Coast prepares to kick off another national tour, Cosentino opens up about body image issues, her not-so-secret love for Hillary Duff and California Nights. In our first interview, we talked about body image and the music business. Do you still feel pressure to look a certain way? Not really. Like I said, people will always comment.

I learned that for myself it was about reaching a level of confidence with myself physically and mentally where I no longer care about any of those things people say. Why do you think? Do you even pay attention to what critics say? The way I know a record is successful is if the fans like it and if we are still playing sold out shows all over the place…and we are.

How do you think California Nights has been received? Fade Away? As far as I can tell, people are really enjoying California Nights. The feedback from fans has been amazing, it charted at 24 on Billboard, which is the highest of any of our records. We were confident about this one and I think that helped so much.

Reverb Soundcheck: Wavves and Best Coast